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Employer's Agent Services

Often dependent on the size/complexity of a project it may be more practical for Telford Hart to be appointed as Employers Agents to assist the client, and to provide process and control during the different project stages. Through the support of experienced construction professionals working collaboratively with the project team, we effectively manage the procurement and construction phase of a project.

Telford Hart supports the client’s own personnel using proven systems and processes to manage the delivery of a wide variety of property and construction projects.

We ensure that the project’s key issues are clearly identified and managed and that the client remains in control of their project throughout. We provide the information required by our clients to take the key decisions at the right time for the success of the project.

Working with clients and engaging project teams

The Telford Hart approach is effective because it is designed to provide a management framework that enables all members of the project team, including the client, to maximise their contribution.

We use a workshop approach to engage the project team in owning the client’s brief, understanding the project’s value proposition and developing the optimum design and construction solutions together. We use the expertise of the entire team, including the contractor.

The essential elements of the role are:

  • accountability for project delivery;
  • promotion of teamwork and facilitation of team relationships;
  • communication of objectives for the project within the value proposition and brief;
  • a robust management model that provides clear roles and responsibilities for delivering the project;
  • tight commercial and programming control of the design and construction process;
  • implementing a reporting regime that enables the clients to make key decisions and makes the project team accountable for project performance;
  • establishing and managing a set of key performance indicators (KPIs).
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