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Affiliated Partners
Eco-Res - Telford Hart is a an affiliated partner of Eco-Res, an independent, fully integrated project design and procurement service.The services Eco-Res offer are centered upon the cost effective delivery of affordable and sustainable buildings and resilient communities and built environments of outstanding quality and value. They bring together radical new thinking and bold new approaches with award winning, low technology and efficient off-site construction methodolgy to create inspirational and transformational environments. 
UK Consortia 2010 - Telford Hart Associates are shareholders in UK Consortia 2010, a Limited Company set up specifically to undertake projects overseas. The other shareholder involved is AFL Architects. A supply chain has been established to enable the Consortia to provide professional services on a wide range of construction projects.THA have worked on projects in Dubai since 2003 and the Consortia is now focused on the Qatar and Libyan market.
Westwood Energy - Telford Hart Associates is part of Westwood Energy, which is a consortium that has brought together a number of suitably experienced team members, who are well established within their designated fields of expertise and all have an interest in the renewable energy sector. They have pooled their knowledge under the Westwood Energy banner focusing initially on implementing the development and roll-out of Anaerobic Digestion Plants across the country using the most sustainable method for each scheme to meet the local needs.
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